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Stephen - He makes things

The man is so Southern, he practically has his own dialect.

Stephen Camp is the founder/visionary/all-around backbone of NADIA. Before delving into the world of skincare, he devoted three decades to the development of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, becoming the COO of one of the country’s preeminent medical food companies, Pan-American Laboratories. Stephen worked alongside teams of scientists and pharmacists to create products that would address the physiological effects of various disease states. When that company grew to such a size that it was pursued and eventually acquired by Nestlé, Stephen seized the opportunity to take the expertise he had acquired in a new direction. Inspired by his wife and three grown daughters, he shifted from developing products that impact how a person feels to developing ones that impact how a person feels about themselves. He began working with compounding pharmacies to develop a topical application featuring the miracle molecule NAD+. That product was simply called “face paste,” and the results were extraordinary. Requests poured in, and Stephen knew that he had to develop a product for the masses. After much time and effort, NADIA Skincare was born.